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Is there a way to make it work wireless with the PC?

I guess so. The pad is also Bluetooth, so if your PC has some device that detects Bluetooth you can connect it to it. In the package I did not find, in addition to the pad and batteries, a wireless receiver like the ones you find in keyboards and mice (obviously an Xbox console should detect it by default, like the PS4 or PS5 with their own pads).

You could also alternatively get a bluetooth dongle. For example 8bit sell them separately as well as part of their controllers and other devices. As long as it’s detected by your device. WHile some motherboards have antenna’s for it built-in you’d need to manually attach.

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Is bluetooth reliable for controllers delay-wise?

I connect to my Xbox controller using bluetooth but I did need an AUR PKBUILD to get it to work: xpadneo-dkms.

Latency depends on several factors (assuming there is nothing wrong with either devices or dongles). Distance, how thick/dense the “walls/objects” are (if any) between the receiver and sender. And how many signals there are in-between for interference. My neighbour on the other side of the walls on this place has a ton of Bluetooth devices. I just turn on any Bluetooth interface and I see two-dozen of them trying to connect for a ping.

Since my PC is under my desk, I have no troubles, fortunately. In arch repo, or AUR, you might need to dive for controllers support packages for optimal support, performance or permissions or what-have-you. Some example, but not limited too: game-devices-udev or xpadneo-dkms

So, I recently went from 1.5 - 2 mm to 0.5 with this magnificent tool:
For me personally it is a game changer, because with this I can completely shave by myself. And it feels better. And it does not look partly bald anymore, but completely bald. So much win!


I haven’t forgotten about your request to give an opinion of this keyboard, even though I said I’d not be that great since I wouldn’t be using it enough. There’s one more thing that I think I might not be as helpful to an interested party of this keyboard is how I type. I loose finger type, I’m quick enough, and go from memory without resting my fingers on the correct keys you generally learn from. I should probably learn the right way though :grinning:.

Anyways, what I can say about this keyboard for hand spacing, if you generally type with your hands close together, slightly closer than a full sized keyboard or if you can do that easily then this keyboard should be fine.

I still haven’t gotten used to the placement of some keys i.e backspace and delete. The delete key is farther away than I’m used to but all the other keys are easy to reach.

The keyboard has a good weight to it, so it’s not going to go anywhere on a smooth desk.

Typing on this thing is very smooth, I enjoy it a lot. The keys don’t move down much when pressed due to the thinness of the keys, but that doesn’t effect typing compared to thicker keys.

I wish I could be of more help or details, but I feel I might as well give it a go.

So my new laptop has no Ethernet port. I’m using the laptop as a distro testing device. So I just in stalled something I new had wireless ready to go in the live environment, CachyOS. But i want to test other things and deal with wireless after the install if needed. I wasn’t going to deal with slow usb tethering to my phone. So the best $15 dollars I’ve spent was on a USB-C Ethernet adapter. And it works PERFECTLY.


I have a Pinebook Pro that also does not have an ethernet connector. My LAN server is set up with WiFi access disabled, as I consider WiFi a security risk for a server. So I didn’t have access to my server.

As a solution, I also recently bought a USB to ethernet adapter that works well with
the Pinebook Pro.




So speaking of USB-C ethernet dongles, if anyone needs one, brand new EliteBooks generally come with them. Because the BIOS of the EliteBook has the ability to do self-updating from the HP servers, but of course they no longer have ethernet on the board. So HP includes one when you buy one that’s recognized by the UEFI firmware.
If you happen to be laptop shopping anyway, it can be a nice little bonus to get that.


Instant Vortex Plus 6QT XL Air Fryer, 6-in-1


Does this count? Damaged Model 3, fixed by myself (the repair bill was 10k and I’m too poor for that)

Before pics


Purchased used from a dealer. 76k miles and strong.

Bought Google’s (boo!) Pixel 7:

Fantastic experience so far. Ditched my old iPhone (boo!) Xr.


Great! My Pixel 7a is due to be delivered today. I will install GrapheneOS on it immediately.


Nice car. But the rims it seems were having an affair with a curb in the past :smiley:


My Pixel 7a in chacoral has finally arrived. GrapheneOS installed immediately.


Nice display, very fast. Had problems with the web installer, somehow I couldn’t get a USB connection.But no problem, I just installed it via cli.


Congrats. On my Pixel 7a, battery life increased almost x3 after installing GrapheneOS.


Thank you!

That’s a lot. I also only used 15% battery after installing all the apps and setting up the device. Definitely three hours at a time