Show your latest purchase! (With pictures)

got the fan for the pc case already, i’ve purchased a cpu cooler online, should be here by wednesday



Czech German Shepherd Long Hair Pure Black


Edit: Zonked!


Dionaea (Venus Fly Trap)


got my pc back today assembled

foinnex vga to hdmi converter, much better compared to my previous one since it doesnt have a cable adding noise to the video


Nice lights, but is there anything else in that case? :thinking:

it’s a micro atx H61 motherboard

Orange pi 5 plus with 32GB LPDDR4X RAM.



I needed something to wear with jeans for the winter temperatures.



Something something impulse buy :joy: :man_facepalming:

Guess i’d better learn to make music now :sweat_smile:


Sceptre 32 inch QHD IPS E325B-QPN168

This isn’t in its final resting place I connected it to make sure it worked and to look for dead pixels. All good. The RGB on the back isn’t really bright but I thought it looked cool enough to photograph.

I got this to use for PC use at my desk since sitting 1.5 ft. away from a 65 inch TV isn’t to pleasant.


Some months ago, I got into vintage double-edge safety razors.

I am old enough to have started shaving with double-edge razors, though after about a year (maybe a bit less) I switched to the then-newly-introduced Gillette Trac II cartridge razors.

I shave both my face and my head, and going back to these vintage razors has me truly enjoying shaving, and even looking forward to it, as opposed to the chore that it felt like before.

Left to right: late 1960s Schick Krona (in the metal stand with brush), 1970 Gillette Super Adjustable (my favorite), 1973 Gillette Tech, 1956 Gillette Super Speed, and a current production Parker 55SL slant razor (my second favorite).

The Parker 55SL slant razor, as its name implies, holds the blade at a slant. It’s very efficient at removing hair:

I tend to use Russian-made blades (I’ve bought lots of them in bulk due to current world events), and I am getting beautiful, comfortable, irritation-free shaves that are far, far closer and longer-lasting than what cartridge razors were giving me. Using the Parker slant or the Gillette Super Adjustable on its highest setting, my skin feels glassy smooth.

I have 3 more vintage Gillette razors that are not pictured, plus 2 new-production razors on the way to me in the mail.

Some say that using double-edged safety razors instead of cartridges will save you money. I can’t say that’s true for me :rofl:.


Was hoping with old age that I wouldn’t have to shave anymore, its just not happening. :sob:

Yeah, my whiskers have gotten thicker/coarser over the last decade and a half or so.

On the plus side, there’s less hair on my head to shave off than there used to be. So at least I’ve got that going for me :laughing:.

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Priceless - the only thing I collect are my empty beer bottles in the morning to put back into their case. :smile:

I made the switch back to double edge razors from cartridge razors about a year ago myself. Definitely do prefer the shave, definitely feels smoother and closer. Although doesn’t last me any longer. I like Wilkinson Sword blades, and they are cheap (100 pack for liek $8), and delivery a fantastic shave (I’ve tried a few Chinese, Russian, and American blades but none were as nice IMO as the Wilkinson Sword). I don’t collect any of the classic razors, but my favorite razor has the annodizing that changes color as the lights moves on it, absolutely love that thing.

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I agree about the double-edged razors - but I don’t use them. Mostly, I don’t shave! Just a little trimming once in a while… :grin: :bearded_person:

just substitute white for hair and beard...

I love my safety razor. Nothing has given me a better shave. It really does save you a lot of money in the long run. 100 pack of razor blades from is not expensive at all. And me being lazy and shaving only every other week, sometimes every other month, those 100 blades last for a long time. Haven’t ordered new blades in almost two years.

Speaking of, running out soon, cause wife started shaving with her own safety razor. I guess my next purchase will be 200 pack of blades. :smiley:

I also use a safety razor. Love it.
I prefer Italian pro-razo everything when I can find them.
Reason: :clown_face:

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Got a Fellow Opus conical burr grinder for 20% off in pre-black Friday sale.