Show your battlestations


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I had searched for “pc setups” and didn’t see that one, but thanks for the helpful link!

Since this is a spaced-themed distro, battle-station sounds appropriate :laughing:


Totally fair point :wink: I don’t have the power to delete the post, but since it’s essentially a duplicate, please feel free to delete the post if needed.


Suppose I can share this on this thread as well. All AMD setup. 5800X processor, Powercolor RX6700xt “Hellhound” graphics card.


Go Avalanche.


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The Colorado Rockies moved to NJ in '82, so technically we are one and the same :rofl:


I can see some quick :dollar: kept there.

You can also share that, no one will mind…

:rofl: :rofl:

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What I’m most proud of, is the home-made desk, from my workshop. Complete with remote-controlled, dimmable downlights! I’d love to install one of those old 12v car cigarette lighters for handy access, if not for the fact that I stopped smoking indoors a decade ago.

Both of the computers are hooked up to the surround entertainment system with two 10m hdmi cables.

Currently, I’m in a kind of limbo when it comes to OS’es. At the current “level” of linux knowledge I’m at now, Arch is decidedly the most fun, but also potentially the most frustrating for daily use. Debian is of course excellent, but once it is set up from a base install, there’s just not much fun to be had, except, of course, for actually using it, haha. I have a hard time deciding, I’ll probably end up with both.


Kinda boring but it is mine :smiling_face:


It’s only $3, so not much you can get with it around here sadly, but I’m more than happy to share my honest roasted nuts :rofl:

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Nice stations, but this thread is also an OPSEC failure :upside_down_face:

Carry on lol

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Sure, on Monday morning @bitterhalt the slap hats come by to confiscate the cactus :cactus:

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My man. That’s beautiful!

Updated kitchen table with the Lenovo crew.

I’ll have to go down into the garage for my "desk"area. . .


Can you tell me more about the Planters? What vintage is that? :rofl:

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Prior to COVID19 I did not have a dedicated workspace and during the first 3 months of working from home I realized that would need to change. Here’s my current battle station along with the engine room - ready for combat.


Think i share my Linux area ( no thing fancy)

Screen x 2
Rpi4 server (headless)
Rpi US keyboard (wired)
Logitech wireless (UK keyboard gift from sister who live there )

PineBook Pro (Ansi US keyboard)

Macbook Pro ( Linux only )
My fav keyboard (beat new mac keyboard)

aslo have Mac mini, Air + 2011 Pro (all run Linux only)


Looks like Windoze? :laughing:

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Look pretty fancy to me. :wink: