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grub-install done! :wink:

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Endeavour OS is awesome :+1:

Edit: funny thing is that I did not run mkconfig, but had not breakage.

Not sure I got that right:

  • other distros like Debian, Fedora etc. are not affected because they run grub-install every time grub is updated, some sort of script for the users.

  • arch and arch based distros are not generally running this by default, so each time grub gets updated, one would need to run the grub-install, else system may become unbootable.

  • does that mean grub updates so rarely that no one noticed this issue?? Or they (grub developers) effectively implemented a change that breaks grub at each update without running grub-install to update an existing grub.

They weren’t impacted for two reasons. One is the one you mention above. The other is that the change which caused the issue hasn’t hit those distros.

This is the first time I am aware of that grub has made a change that broke this way. That is part of the reason that most people didn’t realize it was a requirement.

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Interesting. Wondering what the reason for these changes are from the grub dev side, and whether this will remain permanent. Thanks for the answers!

My takeaways:
0. My ears are bleeding



They were making changes to the way EFI was detected for adding the setup entry.

It seems likely that this change will be somehow adjusted in the future. There are other issues with it.

However, one thing that became clear in the exchange is that they do expect grub-install to be run when grub is updated. This means something like this could happen in the future.

  1. Ridiculously, Somehow Fedora Silverblue got affected.
  2. I hope distros don’t randomly add grub-install hooks because this would wreck havoc on dual boot systems with 2 or more Linux distributions.

Some other distros I looked at are on Grub 2.04 or Grub 2.06, and it’s not clear if they’ve taken any additional fixes. Some I can tell that they haven’t. Grub 2.06 was released June 2021. They’ve done 5 releases over the last 10 years.

Arch is pulling the git branch from the dev team from time to time and delivering it to us. This code may not always be ready or production / user quality, and might contain unfinished features. I am always very wary of git based packages for this reason.

Similar to AUR projects that are git based, with their occasional breakage due to broken commits.

You could disable them should they appear. It’s your system - config it as you wish!

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I can, but the point is that I realize the existence of such hooks after they take effect which I am trying to avoid.