Should I worry about KDE dependencies in applications installed under i3-wm?

With apologies, this is a very basic question. I’m just starting out with a system running EnOS’s i3 setup (loving it so far!). That means, of course, that I have not installed any other DE on the system, and I’d like not to do so.

Nonetheless, some of my favorite applications are from my years on KDE Plasma. My question/ scenario is this:

If I install favorite KDE applications (e.g., Okular, Dolphin, etc.), they will necessarily bring in lots of other KDE dependencies. If those include KDE keyrings, notifications, and other such elements of the KDE environment, will any of those override or interfere with i3’s as-installed functionality (e.g., notification system, widget bar, etc)? Would I be creating a problematic/ conflicting environment that I’ll have to sort out in the i3 config files?

My instinct and reading so far seem to tell me that I’d be okay, but I’d appreciate some feedback from experienced i3 users before I dive into the deep end with this.

TIA for your thoughts (and hand-holding)!

For the most part, it won’t be a problem. You will be carrying a bunch of extra packages but they shouldn’t get in the way.

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The two downsides of having so many extra packages installed, that I can think of, are:

  1. more space on your drive will be used up,
  2. your updates will be significantly bigger and take a bit longer.

It shouldn’t have any impact on your i3-wm performance, and it shouldn’t create any conflict with the configs, I’m fairly sure.

I have no experience with i3-wm, but I do run dwm on my laptop, where I also have full KDE Plasma installed. Since dwm is so simple, I’ve never had any conflicts. While i3-wm is a bit more complex than dwm, I assume it will be okay even if you install full KDE Plasma, let alone just a subset of it.

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only dex could be in the way… but as we set it to exec --no-startup-id dex --autostart --environment i3 ideal it should not load kde stuff…
and if it happen you can simply disable dex or uninstall it…


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