Should I dare to upgrade to gnome 42?

gnome 42 is here, would you upgrade now or wait?

Well, if you won’t be crippled and complaining if something doesn’t work, sure…upgrade.


endeavouros is a rolling-release so yes update !

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I’ve been on it for a few weeks with no issues, but there’s a few people having some issues… personally I’d say go for it

I think after all I have read here, you should rather upgrade to Plasma … :wink:

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Install Timeshift, create a backup, upgrade, revert if something goes wrong.

Noone can answer that question for you. Read the existing GNOME 42 threads and make up your own mind about what to do with your system.


You won’t miss anything if you don’t upgrade for a few weeks, you not gonna catch some ransomware or something. They are fixing things continuously, I’d say you can wait a bit, check the threads if people still complain in a week or two. Right now I see too many random things pop up here and on reddit, seems like stuff is buggy.

This is done and sushi preview is back

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