Shorcut to clean/erase notifications


I had a shorcut to open notifications center {Meta+N) and I’m searching a way to clean notifications with a shortcut.
Can’t find anything in the “Systemettings/Shortcuts” nor in notifications settings.

Any idea?


Which notification system? Which shortcut system?
For instance, if notifications are managed via dunst and shortcuts via sxhkd, then
append in your ~/.config/sxhkd/sxhkdrc the following lines (indentation matters):


ctrl + space
dunstctl close
ctrl + shift + space
dunstctl close-all
ctrl + mod1 + space
dunstctl history-pop
ctrl + shift + i
dunstctl context



Errrrr… Plasma…

Yes. As I posted in Plasma Forum I didn’t specify it. But I am on Plasma.
Plasma Wayland so sxhkdrc is useless.

But thanks for the try :slight_smile: