Shell UX changes. User testing

A TLDR of what research was done.

Asked Red Hat Desktop team employees about how they use Gnome 3. No info on the number of respondents.

  • The search was often used to launch apps. App grid wasn’t commonly used.

  • People changed the contents of the dash

  • Some almost never used workspaces

Additional surveys to Red hat Desktop team employees. Seems to be a sample size of 42

  • Most users have 6 ~ 8 windows opened at a time

  • Most users only use 1 workspace

Research with Endless. Around 20 users. Users tried Gnome 3.38, then early Gnome40 prototypes, or Endless OS. exact details about the tests and results were not shared.

  • Existing gnome users were generally had positive reactions to the changes.

  • Non-Gnome users liked EndlessOS since it has a similar look and feel to Windows.

More testing with 10 Endless users. No details are provided.

  • Users were engaged when using workspaces in the Gnome prototype

A Diary study was conducted to see long-term issues. A total of 5 participants(or at least 5 conducted experiments) used the UI for a week.

  • Users were happy with the design and had no issues.

  • Most didn’t have issues with multi-monitor setups.

Final: Actual user feedback from the community. AKA, the addition of workspaces preview window in Gnome 40.

something tells me it will goes wrong
stats reports & users testing are a very few numbers

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And before you think about replying, first read:

Edit: to be clear. I don’t agree with all the changes they made. All I’m saying is that the research was indeed enough, and the recent changes generally reflect the results.

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