Sharing Artworks

Just in the process of making some icons for my system and yeah just for personal use is OK,
so then
When finished would like to share the icons with the community here and one other place so thinking about joining up with Opendesktop does anyone know much about the opendestop site,
putting artworks up not for money just share the work for free :gift_heart:
Do I need consent from ?who? before ( if ) going to the opendesktop
If anyone can help with info about the opendesktop site and artwork consent from ?‘Who’? that will be really appreciated
and maybe that would help someone else also ,
Sometimes it seems are expected to know all this, well that’s how it feels sometimes.
Thanks for reading.

I would ask @antechdesigns about that - he would probably know the ins and outs as well as the pluses and minuses. Search for the thread here on EnOS…

OK Thanks @freebird54 do you mean send antechdesigns a message , I don’t want to just barge in on him .

I would just mention your interest in the thread he has, and see what comes back to you. There are great wallpapers and such to look at too! I’ve put a couple to use already (Dark Plasma - 2 versions, and Abstract Plasma) and there several other contenders…

Hi @flyingalone

Just create an account no special requirements needed. Then start uploading in the right category, that’s pretty much it.

Opendesktop seems to be going through a few niggles at the moment, depending on the time you upload, sometimes it feels like its being ddos’ed and can be very frustrating if you get caught in the middle of it.

I and a few other have reported it, but no resolve yet.

If your struggling with anything just PM me and I will try to help :wink:

@freebird54 thanks :wink:


Thanks for the replies
Thank you so much , your friggin awesome @freebird54 and @antechdesigns I’ve have wanted to do this sharing my artwork for a long time (years) and things just seems to get in the way stop me everytime ,
“Don’t give up , be patient , wait for when it is your time or chance”
that’s what keeps me going on
Both of you - @freebird54 :trophy: and @antechdesigns :trophy: Thanks a bunch.
Once it’s done I’ll post links hee hee so cool ,
Thanks .
Coupla dayz