Share Your Desktop

Did you ever get it going on USB?? I really want to setup my pi for football games and the SD card isn’t fast enough. I get stuttering.

Love this desktop! Didn’t spot it was Budgie until a zoomed in on your Neofetch details.

I am going to give Budgie another try, later today.

Many thanks for sharing your setup!

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Playing with Xfce :


The same with Xfdashboard :


Some more xfce love



Any feedback on this:

Did you try it?

Yep, that helped. Thank you for finding that. But there was an issue with that script. It only worked in 2 view modes. But I managed to get all 3 views transparent. That thread is not finished and I think there’s no guide to make all 3 transparent. Not just that, I just wanted to share how to make the XFCE panel see-through as well.

EDIT: So just thought of writing a to in the forums so any other can find it useful. But wanted to know if our guys really want to know. That’s why I made the poll.

Oh my eyes! Can’t see to tell what’s there… :grin:

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Does that white background burn your eyes?

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You could say that… but I wouldn’t see it on that background!

Might be still WiP.

I have it set to switch wallpaper on login, but redshift helps a lot with the white ones.


You are welcome! Glad to hear that it was of some help and that you got it working to your liking at the end. Cheers… :enos_flag:

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Thank you! How’s it going so far with you and Budgie? :slightly_smiling_face:


Just reinstalled. Had to perform a fresh install and reinstall Nvidia drivers.

Some great new wallpapers have appeared in the community, today. Nice.

Budgie desktop now installed and I’ve applied the Vimix theme with Plank.

Budgie is a such a beautiful desktop!


Tint2 is pretty awesome! Works great with worm.


Back to Plasma :partying_face:


Never dream I like DE again :scream: (Krohnkite it must have )

like simple wallpaper i make for personal Endeavouros test system , so make Arch one .