Shadow.service loaded failed failed Verify integrity of password and group file

I’m with this error, any ideas how to fix it:

shadow.service loaded failed failed Verify integrity of password and group file

Apparently something is wrong with your one or more of these files:

  • /etc/passwd
  • /etc/group
  • /etc/shadow

Possibly you altered them manually and made them world-read-write.

If you can’t get into the installed system then you’ll need to use a chroot. Once you are in, check the file permissions with:

ls -l /etc/{passwd,group,shadow}

The result should something look like:

$ ls -l /etc/{passwd,group,shadow}
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root  964 Mar  4 17:55 /etc/group
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1702 Mar  4 17:55 /etc/passwd
-rw------- 1 root root  954 Mar  4 17:55 /etc/shadow

Note the permissions for each file. If yours differ, correct them so they match. Then, reboot.

If this is not the problem then you’ll have to provide more information about your system and what you recently changed.

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I experienced the same error in a recent Archcraft installation, OOTB.

I haven’t isolated the issue (yet). I’m currently RTFMing.
It may be a distro(?) configuration related to groups that the new user is added to.
Up-to-now observations suggest (my) new user was added to some groups that were not included in gshadow groups (if that makes any sense… :zipper_mouth_face: ).
I’'ll report back when I find time to search more.

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No, but the permissions on the shadow were different. Tyvm for your help. I changed and it was fixed.


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