Just updated and now there is a shadow.pacnew on the system. First time I’ve ever seen shadow with a pacnew. Reviewing the file the root entry is different then what is in mine. I’m assuming that I should simply remove the pacnew but wanted to make sure there isn’t anything I need to copy into my shadow file. This likely came from the resent filesystem update.

Again just validating that I should just remove the shadow.pacnew file

It looks to me like the only difference is the date of the last password change on the root account. I deleted mine. I certainly wouldn’t merge or overwrite that into your existing /etc/shadow.


Yes, it’s from filesystem update.

:: Processing package changes...
(1/7) upgrading filesystem                          [--------------------------] 100%
warning: /etc/shadow installed as /etc/shadow.pacnew
warning: directory permissions differ on /root/
filesystem: 700  package: 750

/etc/shadow.pacnew contains incorrect number of days since the root password was last changed…
Number of days elapsed since Posix epoch. In my /etc/shadow.pacnew the date would correspond to September, 2010 if I got that right.

It is probably just a default date that is expected to get overwritten when you set an initial root password.

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