Several Settings are reset after reboot

Since the last update, several settings are not saved anymore. What I noticed so far, after each reboot:

  • The start menu (“Application Launcher (Favourites in Grid)”) is small, and I have to manually resize it to get bigger.
  • The sound is very quiet, and I have to open alsamixer to make it louder.

What could be the issue here, where could I start troubleshooting?

I found this line in journalctl: pipewire-pulse[1712]: pw.conf: execvp error 'pactl': Keine Berechtigung (In English: No permission) Could this be (part of) the issue?

Edit: The alsamixer reset was my fault, I forgot to do alsactl store. But the reset of menu size still bothers me.

alsa do not need to get touched manually in 95% of cases…
First thing is to show some info so we could get into the issue and research:

inxi -Fxxc0z | eos-sendlog

and for audio:
inxi -Aa | eos-sendlog

indeed should not be that…

So give some info on installed packages:
pacman -Qs pipe
pacman -Qs pulse

systemctl --user status pipewire pipewire-pulse wireplumber | eos-sendlog