Setting up Plymouth

Greetings, I’ve got a problem with setting up a Plymouth.
I’m following the ArchWiki guide and so i installed it via pacman and second step is to configure /etc/mkinitcpio.conf however such file does not exist on my system. I use sudo nano /etc/mkinitcpio.conf and the file is empty. So I’m stuck at this step. Can’t find /etc/dracut.conf.d/myflags.conf either.
My bootloader is Systemd

That file is meant to be created by you. When dracut regenerates your inintramfs image, it will read the options in that file.

Is it?I can’t find the info about this step on the wiki however.

The wiki also mentioned that dracut should be able to auto-detect plymouth. So you might not even need this step.

Any idea what would be my next step to setting up it?

You’ve added the required kernel parameters already? Plymouth doesn’t display the splash screen by default (it just writes the boot messages to a file). If you’ve done that, the next step is to configure your initramfs generator (either mkinitcpio or dracut) to include plymouth in the next initramfs it generates. The wiki mentioned that you don’t have to configure your initramfs generator if you are using dracut. Since you are using dracut, you can skip the dracut configuration and use dracut to regenerate your initramfs. After regenerating your initramfs, reboot to see if it works.

I added the kernel parameter for systemd by pressing “e” on boot and added quiet splash. Now seems to be working. Was hard to follow the ArchWiki though.

Glad you manage to get it working.

I was too early to celebrate. It was working for one boot. I need to make the change persistent in /boot/loader/entries/arch.conf and same problem, i cant find that file.

Run lsblk to see where your efi partition is mounted. If it’s not in boot, it’s probably in /efi. But do check to be sure.

This will work for that one boot. You would need to make it permanent.
Using systemd-boot and dracut, you could do so by adding the parameters to:


Afterwards, run: sudo reinstall-kernels

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Or you can do this.

Alternatively, you can add the parameters inside dracut’s configuration.

Thanks! Got it working for real now.

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