Setting default font for apps like thunar and firefox

Hello everyone, i’m using Endeavour Qtile and i’d like to ask question here since i don’t know if i can put it in some specific channel or not.

So my problem is, i have installed it, but firefox, Thunar, etc still uses Noto Sans by default, in firefox you can change the default font but how about in other apps? is there some guide on how to change the default font for some apps without needed to configure them manually one by one?.


Turns out, there is some configuration for fonts in gtk3.0 that didn’t use '' for the font name and i added it, it fixes my problem.

This is what i’m talking about:

gtk-font-name = 'Noto Sans 10'

Since i solved it myself, mods can lock this post to avoid spam.

Glad you got your problem solved.

Actually, you can do that. Just go to the second post, and click on the “Solution” icon.
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Ahh i see, i already click the “Solution” icon, seems need to wait for certain days.
Thanks for telling me this :heart:

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