Seriously when you pay 300$ and up for a monitor you should get a remote control

TVs the same size are less than half as much and have remote.

??? I paid more than $300 for my wide-screen & don’t miss a remote at all. More stuff to go wrong in my opinion (of course, you can take my opinion & $2 to get a cup of coffee…)

I was pondering: What would one do with a remote, mouse and keyboard? Which foot would run what?

5$. 5$ to get a cup of coffee. They charge extra to listen to opinions while they make coffee

I use a game pad mostly anyway. I mounted the 32 inch 2k monitor to the wall

Is has display port for computer and two hdmi for other devices. It functions as a tv. It should have a remote.

New rule : if it has hdmi it must have a remote for all system functions.

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LOL…so true. I do Steam gaming, so I would need three hands to include the remote…

Another perspective is that they are doing you favour with leaving it out! I have a remote overpopulation problem around here - even WITHOUT one for the monitor directly. Once you account for the one for the speakers, the one for Bluetooth, the one for the KVM switch for heaven’s sake - and the one for the tower fan , and…

Then, if you actually have a reason to use them, you discover that you need a new battery (busily raid another remote for newer one) because it is hard enough to keep up with the battery needs of stuff you actually use!

I must plead guilty to keeping them together in one place, so I guess I have no protection against them proliferating in the dark… - while their batteries last, presumably.


I gave them three stars and berated them in my review for no remote. The revolution starts with me.

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What happens when you need warranty service? :wink:

they are required to comply with the warranty whether they like me or not

I’ve never really looked at whether many of these larger monitors come with remotes? Something I’ll have to keep in mind.

well you know i had a 1080 p tv and a 4k tv both run at 60 htz but now that i sold those both to buy the 32 inch 2k monito for the higher refresh rate i have to wonder if i bought a bill of goods because my fps is only like 30-60 top end on my rx570 anyway at 2560x1440. should have just kept the 4k tv and ran it at 2k res and it would have performed just as well. I feel dumb.

Well at least you didn’t pay too much for it. Things don’t always end up the way we expect sometimes. It’s all good.