Serious issues while doing an upgrade / update on a Thinkpad

hello dear experts hello dear community

i did some excercises and tried several times to update my notebook - but everytime it fails - note
there were many many packages to download and install

and every time the tremendous amount of data takes almost half a day to download. So everytime (!!!) i fall asleap (no joke) - and still sleep while the password is requested

this is pretty bad (!!!) what can i do here
see the report - its quite very very fancy - but i need to have a slolution

see the report:

look forward to hear from you

I see electron25 if I remember correctly that is no longer usable. I don’t know the full details as I myself don’t use it however I have seen others with it here with issues and it seems to me that they were told to remove electron25 then proceed.

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If electron25 is the problem, try updating first with


and then

pactree -r electron25

to see if you can simply uninstall electron25.


hi there - many many thanks.
i will do as adviced
btw: this forum here is just great - i am so happy to be part of this awesome forum


Just chipping in to say that you’re not alone with regards to falling asleep/going to the bathroom/being distracted by a kitten while the password is requested. I’ve had this issue more than once with packages that are locally compiled and take a significant amount of time to update. If you step away at the wrong time, the password request times out, the update fails and you have to start over.

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It’s possible to disable password request timeouts by putting that line in sudoers file:

Defaults passwd_timeout=0

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Isn’t modifying the sudoers file actively discouraged?

Better know what you’re doing, but always use visudo, which will look for syntax errors in the file before saving.


good day dar community

just again - i am facing the same issue - witht he password - request that was emerging in the middle of the night… so i need to work around some how…

should i edit some files or configurations…!?

look forward to hear from you

Are you updating AUR packages?

man yay

and look for sudoloop feature.