Send a fax with Endeavour

I was using a fax service through my internet provider ( free in France ) but now they decided to delete this service (but cost remain the same !).
Then is there any application for send and receive fax ( without any specific modem ) just with the standard adsl box ?preferably with a GUI



I haven’t sent a fax in more than 20 years, but HylaFAX might be worth a try.

I use a FritzBox (FB7530) router with integrated fax function from the German manufacturer AVM. However, I am not aware of any other manufacturer with an integrated fax. The advantage is that there are no additional costs. However, the devices are not cheap. Whether the devices also work problem-free in France should be checked.

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Fun fact. Fax machines are still pretty much standard in german bureaucracy. In 2021 around 40% of german companies were still using fax.


Do they use pagers to send short messages too? :rofl:
How about modems to connect to internet?

Jeez… :rofl:’


And to think, Germans once had the reputation of being efficient. Depressing… :frowning:

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That is a very outdated view on germany. 25 years ago that may have been true, but nowadays I rarely think of germany in that way. Our school system is collapsing, our bureaucracy is overblown and is working with old technology (although corona has accelerated modernizing a lot of stuff), we lack doctors and nurses (which are also heavily underpaid), our elder care is pretty much going down the drain, etc.

Pretty much every important efficient side of this country has gone downhill over the last few years.

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Health service in the UK, pagers and faxes - though they are being “phased out”.

My trust uses faxes, you just email the document to the fax email address with the number as the header and it faxes for you. No actual fax machines per se.

We do not use pagers anymore, but I know the big Acute trust in Sheffield still do.

Yes, and to whom do we owe this? … The main thing - rainbow flags in front of public buildings and weapons to Ukraine. WHO WANTS PEACE, DOES NOT SELL WEAPONS! They should rather send all old fax machines there!

SCNR and now ban me!

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My faxing experience with healthcare and any other government agencies was that it is totally unreliable. Yes the fax surely was sent, but I could never tell if on the other end the person receiving it was not throwing it in the garbage.

I say don’t trust faxes, only morse code or telegram or Tik Tok.


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Pretty soon you won’t have enough energy to send a fax.

Just the Fax ma’am …nothing but the Fax! :laughing:

Yeah… We’ll see how that works out. Weird times to live in.