Self hosted cloud service

I will try!!
Big thanks for support!!


Been in contact med ISP and it seems I have to have another domain then theirs.
Where can I find a cheap domain? How much does it cost? In the area where I live (country-side) I cant get a static ip but I have now a public ip. They don’t change often so It will have do do I guess.


if you just want to be able to reach your NC from outside your home via internet, you could also just go the dynDNS route. There are free dynDNS providers out there. That eliminates your changing public ip problem. Then configure a port forwarding on your router, so the connection comming from the internet is forwarded to your NC-Server residing in your LAN. But as @Root already mentioned, be careful. You expose a service / a server to the internet, and there are many bad guys in the internet… securing your NC Server is therefore essential. failtoban should also be mentioned here (installable as a package usually. Look it up for what it does).

Another way would be a VPN. So you connect your device via a VPN tunnel to your local LAN, and can then access your NC from your “internal LAN” so to say…no need to expose your NC to the internet then…
Many possibilities. All with pros and cons, depending on the use case. But some sort of (IT-) knowledge is always necessary…


Since your flag says Sweden - - where I am from this is one of the cheapest - but you also need to know what your are doing because there is absolutely no support - should you decide to use them - I am very intimate with their control panel - I have been using their service for at least 15 years - so ping me - and I’ll guide you.

They are stable as a rock - and they provide .se domains too.

Another great place is - also a provider I have been using extensively.

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I recommend
They have domains for sale for 1$ and 2$ (for the first year). You can simply purchase a new domain every year.

You can use their search tool and only select 2$ and below as your search criteria.


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What a great community this is!!
All really great suggestions!!
I will check them out!!


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If you’re doing that you might as well use something like FreeDNS or a dynamic IP service (DynDNS, DuckDNS, etc…)

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This may not work if your ISP is using NAT to connect multiple customers to one public IP, right? (so called double-NAT)

Nothing will work in that case - you don’t have a public IP at all. You could possibly tunnel out to an endpoint you control (VPN, SDN) and set up port forwarding, but then you’d be better off just using the VPS or dedicated server to host your NextCloud instance at that point.


Hi again! I have not given up! I am on my 5th attempt and have gotten so far that I can log in to NS from another computer.
The big problem is permissions! I have configured a samba server (actually working!) and am trying to use my shares as sharing storage in NS. I am doing this in web-ui and get permission error. I then followed a hint to change nginx permissions to write to NS-/config but then I can’t log in to NS. I have also made php-fpm.service override (for php perm). I will start over again but this time in a wm.

I have installed Endeavour OS on a workstation I buildt from “old parts” (no ssd) and it’s working really smooth with “EOS”. I am going to try this as a server.



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:+1: :+1: :+1:
Great! I like it when I see such persistence.

Any luck yet?

I am interested in something similar, but currently settled on Resilio sync on a really old and week laptop, and Resilio on my Iphone and Ipad.

I know, definitely it is not as NextCloud or OwnCloud, but better than nothing.
I wish I could have any of the two former apps, because of features.

I recently tried Storj cloud storage which seems safe and private, but hardly any features.

Please let me know how is it going.
Thank you and wish you success.

Well I did eventually give up because NC broke too often and it took too much time to fix! I found a better and easier solution. Yunohost! I an OS based of Debian (Buster). It’s a server OS with easy install and upgrades of for example NC! Works great! I recommend!


I tried for long tome to even install both NextCloud and OwnCloud. I found it too dmanding.

I will look at it. Hopefully it serves the purpose.
thank you.

mmm… maybe you can now install Next Cloud?
I’d suggest you try as you now have a running web server.
I see it is an app in the system

I hope this helps.

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I have tried SyncThing and Resilio Sync.
SyncThing was easier to setup but had issues during use (my own experience). It doesn’t have iOS app. (there is one paid)
Resilio Sync (proprietary), not that easy to setup, but once done it just runs.

But both have nothing more than just syncing.
Not like OwnCloud or NextCloud.

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