Self hosted cloud service

I have come to the conclusion that I need to set up a self hosting storage (that can be reached from anywhare).
This is just for me and my kids (they just moved away from home! But they still want to have contact with some music and movies!)
Everywhere I read about this it’s always about big entreprises.
I would like to set up something smaller and Open Source!
We use google-drive and drop-box at work and I am not very fond of them.

Should I use a separate computer for this?

It should be compatible with both Mac, IOS and Windows.

Is it possible to create such a solution without being dependent on a third-party?

Thankful for advice and hints


Definitely possible!

I’m sure @linesma will have some useful info on that topic :slight_smile:

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Depending on the amount of work you will put into it - it is fairly easy to create something shareable.

If you want something which is easy to setup - configure - having the necessary applications for media - I have very good experience with Synology NAS for many years.

Synology has apps for playing media using the mobile device internet connection.

If you want to skip the Synology hardware - you can use xpenology which is Synology DSM applied to non Synology hardware - it can even run in a VM.

Synology - IMO - has by far one of the best experiences as NAS and media sharing.


Also, NextCloud.


FileRun is also an option on cPanel shared hosting (can be installed through Softaculous if enabled by hosting provider).

I quite enjoy everything nextcloud.

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You can get free hosting on github

Keep in mind that GitHub is Microsoft owned though…
Not best place to keep your personal files this days (well technically any cloud is not best place).


I didn’t know MS owned github :grimacing:

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Thanks for answers guys!!
Very thankful!
I am starting to look into nextcloud.


I set up NextCloud on my Arch homeserver for that exact use case So far not a single issue.
In our case it’s mostly pictures though.

As for nextcloud, check out NextCloudPi ( There are ready to use images for the RPi, VMs, Docker, …

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Hi again!
I am still trying to configure nextcloud!
I am using nginx and got into trouble with the web-installer.
I get “internal server error, contact the administrator”.
I have been looking through some logs but have no idea what to look for.
On nextclouds site there are hundreds of pages for me to read. I need a couple of weeks vacation to manage that. It would probably take lesser time to reinstall everything!

I looked at NextCloudPi and I does that support arch-systems?


Nextcloudpi itself is an image with debian buster(I think). Just write it to your SD and there you go. You can install Nextcloud itself on every Linux system, simply by downloading it from the NextCloud download section.

Use the Docker image instructions. Dead easy to set up.

But I still have to get nextcloud to work (php,nginx,mariadb…)? I only get errors. Have no idea if it is nginx or php that I configured wrong (or if its a bug!).


why use nginx instead of apache or litespeed? apache is by far the most documented of them all and litespeed is simple enough to configure once you’re got it up and running.

You are most certenly right. I should have gone with apache!


nginx is is supposed to be much faster than apache* and sharing speed characteristics with litespeed, but the truth is most php-based software is built to work on apache (or litespeed, which is a drop-in replacement for apache). nginx is much more painful to configure and sometimes the software needs to be adapted to run on it.
*this claim is in the mean time only in small part true, as with the latest apache versions speed has dramatically improved (say comparing 5.xx vs 7.xx versions)

Anyway speed does not really make a difference here, as we are talking speed of parsing of php here and not speed of data transfer.

I have switched to apache now. It is going to take some time before I get anywhere with this! I am not giving up though!
In the meantime I found a very easy solution just by chance. Teamviewer.
Works very well so far and will have to do until I am ready with nextcloud.