Selection of BTRFS while replacing a Partition

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While installing OS not able to select BTRFS when replacing an existing partition.
System automatically selects EXT4. It even formats an empty BTRFS partition to EXT4.
If we replace entire disk then BTRFS file system can be selected with Swap option.
System is up and running with btrfs but whole disk.
Can i create BTRFS partitions now with partition tools?

Also why there is no inbuilt encryption for BTRFS?.
It uses MS DOS for LUKS encryption.
But EXT4 seems to have its own LUKS encryption.

You can just use manual partitioning in calamares and create a btrfs partition with a mountpoint at / and click the encrypt checkbox if you want it encrypted.

Err…what? When you select btrfs with encryption it creats a luks partition with btrfs inside of it. This is the same as it works with ext4.

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says BTRFS is using a workaround with LUKS and planning to have its own encryption.
On the other hand if full disk is encrypted with LUKS for EXT4 file system, it does not take us to MSDOS terminal boot screen. Opens GUI and asks to enter key to decrypt.

I did that prior to installation. formatted partitions to btrfs and swap.
While proceeding with “Replace an Existing Partion” option selected one of existing formatted btrfs partition to install Endeavour OS Apollo ISO. Calamares did not provide an option to select any file system and defaulted to EXT4 ignoring existing btrfs partition and its existing file system. On the other hand if we select “erase disk” it allows us to choose btrfs and many file systems.Thanks

btrfs encryption is considered experimental still. Almost everyone is using luks with btrfs currently.

You get the same boot screen regardless if you use luks with btrfs or ext4. That is grub, not ms-dos. The only way you would get a different screen is if your weren’t encrypted or you selected an encrypted /boot.

You can’t do it prior to installation and the use replace partition. Replace partition doesn’t care what the partition type you are replacing is. You have to choose “manual partitioning” from within the installer.

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