Seems to be here to stay

First step done ! Two days ago I registered to the forum, yesterday I have run EOS in a VM in one of my Manjaro’s system and today I have just finished a complete installation in my laptop.
I am already in love with this distro and I plan to gradually switch my other systems to EOS in the next days or weeks.
It’s a great feeling to (re)discover a relative small - but growing - and friendly community which - at least for what I saw - seems to have a real influence over the course of EOS.
And of course, the distro by itself is super nice… I am still surprised from what I discover and plan to continue to have fine discoveries and to be surprised in the future. Seems I am here to stay and to renew with a subtle sense of being on an “adventure”.
That’s it for now, In the next days I’ll play in silence and try to learn as I am too much a newbie here to welcome others but thanks to all those who welcome “us”… coming from the “green M”.


Don’t feel like you have to be silent. If you have questions, ask. We are always glad to help.


Thanks… I am not the shy type, I just like to explore and try to resolve issues by myself even if I make errors, because I usually learn best from correcting my own errors :innocent:. But don’t worry, when I am stuck I also know how to ask for help ! (And to offer help when I believe I can). After all, this is what the community is for…


You’re very welcome!


No need to be silent or even quiet :smiley: Ask away, the community is always willing to help.


Hello and welcome

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Welcome to Endeavor! Enjoy your stay.

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