Second monitor shows up in login manager, then disapears in DE

Hello, I have been using endeavour os for some time with the plasma desktop environment, but after leaving my computer for a few hours, i came back to find my second monitor blank, and not showing up at all in kde’s listed displays. However, the monitor works properly in my dual booted windows, and sddm before entering plasma, so far I have tried unplugging both power and display cable, reboots, different ports on my gpu, and updating both my nvidia drivers and system, but nothing has worked.

Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated,
Thank you.

If you run xrandr can you see it listed there?

Did you run any updates between good state and this happening?

You don’t need to investigate a hardware problem, or system configuration. The issue lies inside your user home folder. You can confirm this by creating a new user account and login to it.

KDE has been rapidly changing a lot of multihead related user settings, so deleting the relevant local *rc file will probably reset (and fix) your issue. IIRC kscreenrc and possibly in some “default” plasma related folder. Keep backups of files and folders you remove for testing (or just rename them, instead of deleting).

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Thanks, Ill be able to give this a try later today.

Your comment lead me to finding this thread, which had the correct files to remove, thank you a ton!

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