Second fatal update in a month, what to do?

I posted here a few weeks ago about a problem I ran into while updating.

Now the same thing has happened again and, even though I’m not too worried this time, it is a hassle and just not something I want on my work laptop.

I’m wondering if there is anything I can do. I think the cause can either

  1. something I’ve done/installed
  2. updates just being broken
  3. support for my hardware being bad

(2) seems unlikely since it’s happened twice on the same laptop, (3) is not something I can fix.
So while I wouldn’t expect (1), since I don’t think I’ve done anything crazy, the best I can do is probably to apply the treatment for (1) and hope that was the issue.
The only thing I can think of in this case is a complete reinstall.

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With yay, just use the word yay, loose the Syyu.
using yay by itself defaults automatically to yay -Syu


to state the obvious your computer shouldn’t freeze during updates, so my money would be on either option 1 or 3. As you said you can’t do anything about 3, but you need to rule out 1. In my experience if something is going to freeze your computer using yay it’s likely going to happen while trying to build something from the AUR. I would 1) review pacman logs to see if there are any errors during your last update, 2) update first with pacman -Syu and then yay, while redundant it would separate updating official packages and AUR packages, and last take a look in the AUR at your packages to see if anyone else has reported specific issues with updating them.

They are already separate. yay first upgrades the repo packages, then the stuff from the AUR.

fully aware, just suggesting that explicitly upgrading first with pacman and then using yay to upgrade AUR packages would help OP figure out what is causing his issues.

If I don’t have a good guess to start from I think figuring this out would be very painful. I’d have to somehow store the state of my system before every update, and then if the update breaks it restore to that previous state in the hopes that I can even reproduce the error.

It’s quite annoying, I should’ve just gotten the alienware laptop instead…