Searing Sunraze Smash!

Good Afternoon everyone, I had switched to EndeavourOS from Windows 10 yesterday, and had joined the community the same day.

I am not from coding background. Rather, I am from Physics and Mathematics background, as I study the language of Mathematics and apply them to physics.

I am curious about everything which I come to know, hence I want gather knowledge about them.

Also, I want to mention that this is the very first community where I had joined and had never been part of any community till yesterday.
I don’t use any Social Media platforms excluding this forum and Gmail.
So, I am excited to go on the journey with EndeavourOS team and get new skills which are not from my background.

I will try all the methodologies in konsole which I will receive here as a guidance, and after some experience, I think I will be able to understand the concept of terminal and its usage.


Wrlcome to the community! :enos:

Just as Linux is a superior free and open source alternative to windows there are alternatives to gmail.


Yes. But that Gmail account is for my study related conversations where I send/receive files to teachers/colleagues.
I personally don’t like to use social media.
But enjoy to be part of forum as here I will have meaningful and informational discussions by virtue of which I will be able to learn more.

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I use Gmail and a few other proprietary services as well. Because my work needs them. In the world of Linux, some people are kind of fully free and open source and don’t like any proprietary service or software. And there’re people like me who would use anything as long as they work and makes things easy.

So don’t mind when you see google is evil (it’s with their business practices) and Microsoft is bad (well this is true). In our countries, we can’t go 100% FOSS so use what works for you.


Yes of course, I don’t like Google services but I am restricted due to workflow.
Personally speaking, I use Brave Browser as browser, Duckduckgo/ Bing as search engine, LibreOffice as suite, Stellarium as planetarium app, etc…

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Welcome to :enos: :hugs:

Congratulations on choosing KDE :+1:


Once you join the community there is no turning back :rofl:

Welcome to the forum!


Thank You :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

Fly to the moon and beyond O Phoenix!


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The legend of the Phoenix/Firebird is one of my favorites! :heart_eyes:
Welcome to the Purple Neighborhood! :enos: :enos_flag: :milky_way:

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Phoenix will fly high only by the guidance of experienced members in Purple World.

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Thats some good resistance to FOMO :wink:

Welcome to the community :beers:

If it is your very first experience with a Linux desktop OS. I would advise for having a Windows install backup somewhere.

I say this from my own exp over the last 20+ years and how people got very frustrated with Linux at some point and not having a Windows installed somewhere to just boot up was something that everybody missed.

You don’t need to use it, it is only a “just in case” . Because killing off your Linux install and then re-install Windows and all that can be time consuming and annoying.

You could look into


to make clones of your OS installs. That would make it even more easy.

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welcome and enjoy your stay here

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Welcome @SearingSunrazeSmash

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Don’t forget the Arch World too … :wink:


Lose gmail though, don’t give Google access to all your correspondence, use ProtonMail or Tutamail instead.

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Gmail is needed because it is registered with university. And the Gmail account which I am using is also the account which was created by my father.

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Hello Phoenix, new myself, look like a nice place to setup camp.


Yes, its nice place to learn…

I am also learning new things here by guidance from experienced members here, as I am not from Linux background but had used scientific languages in the past.

You can also learn new concepts here.

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