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Hello all,

I’m looking for the name of a movie that I know I liked, is relatively recent and would like to see again. The problem: I remember only fragments and unfortunately no actors. Many scenes I remember, but somehow can not put into words.

I remember the following clearly:

  • Daughter/girlfriend (or some woman who has something to do with the main character) flees/drives to Mexico/Cuba/another cliché country (almost certain that it is Mexico) to her girlfriend.

  • Mentioned daughter/girlfriend is betrayed by her friend. The girlfriend has stolen a bracelet from her. When the main character sees this, he knows that she has betrayed her daughter/girlfriend.

  • In general, this is an action movie.

  • Can remember some scenes where good looking young women who prostitute themselves (under duress?) stand next to each other in a narrow hallway and the main character questions some of them?

  • Can well remember a scene where the main character (in Mexico?) goes up a narrow staircase and is severely beaten on a balcony or roof terrace and is somehow rescued.

  • It’s not 96 Hours! (also not part 2 - 3)

  • I think the main character dies at the end? And the daughter was pregnant or something?

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To write this, helped me to remember :laughing:

The Film i was searching, is called “Rambo - Last Blood”.

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It’s kind of hilarious it’s about that movie, lol. I’m glad you could remember.

hehe thanks.

what was in your mind wich film it could be?

None in particular, but as I started reading I was thinking some kind of drama of a girl moving countries and her story. Specially because I was in a mindset after watching Arrival again. I didn’t read the whole post, because I saw there was a solution and it was you.
Imagine if I had reached the part about prostitutes. This is just hilarious as a whole.

I thought this was the worst thread on the forum when it comes to self-solutions, but this is the new low.


Ah ok :laughing:



Really lame. See the comments on that other thread I linked above, everything there applies to this one, too.

i read that. I only dont understand that.

For what is that good? Get i money if i get more “solutions”? I think not, so i dont care how many solution somebody have. I have other worries, so i dont need to worry about internetpoints :laughing:

Buf if this makes you happy, i mark you post as solution :slightly_smiling_face:

OK, seems like this one is both solved and well off-topic.

A couple of notes:

  • Personal attacks are not allowed, for any reason
  • There is not a rule against self-solutions. While I understand it can be frustrating when someone gets help from others and then marks their own solution as the result, sometimes people really do solve their own problems/answer their own questions as was the case here.

I marked the OPs post as the solution since it was the actual solution and should be the solution highlighted.