SDDM Wayland Pkgbuild

So Ive been tinkering with SDDM for running it in Wayland mode, here is a pkgbuild for my current configuration for anyone who would like to try it out.

This currently uses weston as the compositor to avoid weird things with using kwin as SDDMs compositor. You may switch to kwin if you like following this guide here

Current issues (1/31/2023)
EDIT: Blur has been fixed in SDDM git

Blur does not work with the Breeze theme, themes without blur look just fine

Running GreeterEnvironment=QT_WAYLAND_SHELL_INTEGRATION=layer-shell with weston doesnt work, it does with Kwin but using kwin results in some weird behaviors resulting from SDDM being treated as a window. If switching to using Kwin add the above greeterenvironment to the [general] section of 10-wayland.conf

if you find other issues please either report on the gitlab so they can be tracked to see if there are future patches for it or it needs to be reported upstream


If youre using this there have been a couple new commits to the git so i would rebuild. The patch this was carrying for session switching has been removed as its no longer needed so get the new pkgbuild so it doesnt fail patching

EDIT: actually wait, SDDM is crashing at boot with latest git

EDIT2: figured out which commit caused the crash, will pin pkgbuild to working latest commit

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pkgbuild is back to being git vs pinned to a specific commit as i can no longer reproduce the crash

Updated the pkgbuild to move to using pkgbase and so it accurately reflects the current git commit used when built.

Please submit issues to the gitlab so i can see them as replies here may not be seen for a long while