SDDM problem


I’m using sddm display manager with plasma 6.1.2.
I realised that in the sddm login page the battery icon in the bottom right corner doesn’t appear any more.
Can someone else confirm that or is there anyone who has a solution for this?


Hi @porcaror ,
Yes, in Plasma SDDM login screen battery status is missing, but having logged-in
lock the screen with Super + L and when you press Enter it will show battery status in the bottom right corner for 10 sec.

Thanks a lot.
Do you think it would be useful to ask to the sddm manteiner to implent such functionality? I think that having the possibility to see tha battery symbol in the login screen could be an opportunity to know if it is necessary to link the pc to the power cable before starting to use it.
Best regards,

Some laptops like Lenovo-s before you touch any key except for power-on a big picture shows
the battery status.
And idk how it used to be solved without authentication to get info by a command about the battery.
So in an experiment I put into Ly config.ini

initial_info_text=$(upower -i $(upower -e | grep '/battery') | grep percentage | awk '{print $NF}')

and in place of the hostname where nn% should have been appeared it says: ‘Logged out’

So apart from SDDM the task is ‘How to execute a command before user login’.

Keep it simple: log-in and make battery status more visible

If it is too simple install acpi, press Ctr+Alt+F3, log-in in terminal
acpi -b
and return to SSDM with Ctr+Alt+F2 (these Fn may vary)