SDDM key mapping

Sooo, Ive been trying to customize my sddm settings so that I could put a video as my default login display, and it worked, after trying to install qemu some days later which resulted in package errors somehow, I got a few issues with the login display password input, I would assume that the key mapping was set incorrectly somewhere in the config files, and now instead of the number ‘0’, my keyboard reads ‘*’ as the character, but this only happens when Im on the login display, Ive tried in the terminal, browser and sddm greeter mode too, everything worked perfectly well as it should be, yet somehow doesnt when Im on the actual login display. Any ideas as to why this happens and where to go for a fix?

Terminal: Kitty
De: Hyprland
Display Manager: Sddm

Hello and welcome to the purple side :enos_flag:

Did you try “System settings” → “Startup and Shutdown” → “Login Screen (SDDM)” → Select your login theme (default is Breeze) → Click Behavior button at the bottom right-hand side → Click Reset button at the bottom to the left side of the screen.

This should reset all the settings of the SDDM theme to default.

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Ohhh I see, thank you for the answer, Ill try that!

{update on the issue}
Didnt find the system settings at all :cry:
checked one more time with my custom config files and made sure they were not the problem

{2nd update on the issue}
I found the problem, in the config files there was an fn lock for the numpad, making my keybinds locked into a numlock state, set the value to off instead and now its back to normal!

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