SDDM failed systemctl service

When looking at systemctl services there is one failure.

$ systemctl | grep failed
● user@970.service      loaded failed failed    User Manager for UID 970

UID seems to be the ID for sddm

$ cat /etc/passwd | grep sddm
sddm:x:970:970:Simple Desktop Display Manager:/var/lib/sddm:/usr/bin/nologin

$ cat /etc/group | grep sddm

This failure is on both a laptop with Intel graphics and desktop with Nvidia. I’ve ignored it and the systems run normally; nothing important appears broken. Up-to-date versions of everything.

Login Screen (SDDM) Breeze
Login Cursor Theme Adwaita

I see the same issue, using lightdm and a virtual machine.

Searched the internet and it seems to be a general issue in many distros, including Arch. Something apparently to do with Gnome keyring.
I didn’t find any real explanation and solution to it yet.

But as long as the system works, it can be ignored AFAIK.

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