Scribus crashes due to signal #11

I am just trying out EndeavorOS (xfce version) on an ex-win7 mini-tower. I like it - very impressed with the speed.
I have installed Scribus-1.5.7, among other things, and even when running alone, every time I launch scribus, after initialising, as soon as it draws the application window, it displays a message box: scribus crashes due to signal #11.

Googling for this, it appears as a bug a number of times over the years, supposedly fixed at that time. The most recent was an Arch bug report from last Summer, described as low severity, and no indication of having been resolved:

The severity is described as low, but in my case it is high - completely unusable.

I just wondered if there are any scribus users out there who have a fix for this?

Thanks in anticipation.

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There doesn’t seem to be any reliable way to replicate this - the bug report above has people facing the same issue, and then the issue disappeared.

Possibly you have an extension missing, or a corrupt file somewhere, or it’s trying to use colour management but it’s not enabled/available? There are too many possibilities… :pensive:

Solution :slight_smile:
/usr/bin/scribus --no-splash


Many thanks - that has fixed it - so simple! :grinning:

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