Screenshot app changed all by itself.. multiple DE

hii ppl.
i have my en.os installed … i have also multiple DE selected during installation.
i have only used xfce, the rest i have not even touches yet.
i did notice i hav got all sort of different note .txt apps.

this happened that made me wondering.

i use xfce default screenshot app to take screenshot and post it to imgur since finish installation. however the screeshot app changed to spectacle just now… i am wondering how on earth "print screen " changed from xfce default screenshot app, to spectacle out of sudden…

anybody have any idea ? what just happened ? it is because i used dolphin as file manager a minute ago ? hence all app changed accordingly by DE ? how to change back to default xfce screenshot ?

That’s what happens when you have multiple DEs installed. They tend to interfere with each other. This is not to say that you cannot have multiple DEs installed, just that there are some complications involved with that and, unless you know exactly what you’re doing, you should expect some problems with it.

I am unable to give you a specific answer about what you did to change the keyboard shortcut to invoke Spectacle (which is a KDE screenshot utility) instead of your other screenshot utility. Maybe someone who uses Xfce can tell you how to change that.


i c… multiple DE tend to interfere each other app… that’s weird.
i thought multiple DE is when i choose one DE to login to, then thewhole session gonna use that DE… never knew a session can have multiple DE in it. weird…

good night. it is late here. i am sleepy… cya.

A desktop environment is not some monolithic program. It’s a collection of many programs. For example, Spectacle, which is native to KDE Plasma can be used in any other DE. Nothing prevents you from using, for example, Thunar on GNOME, and Nautilus on Plasma, and Kate on dwm. But when you have multiple DEs installed, they can write to the same config files in your .config directory and changing settings in one of them can affect the settings in another, often in somewhat unpredictable ways. A common solution to that problem is to use different user accounts for different DEs.



ok. i go sleep now. dozing off already. bye.

It’s recommended to use different user accounts for different DEs . Otherwise problems will arise . So please consider using different user accounts . Or use only one DE .

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ok… can i have the same data folder or same firefox bookmark and history among all diff DE in separate acc ?

ok. i will reinstall and make a few acc. but i don’ t know how to make multiple acc each with diff DE… never done that before.

It’s worth starting a wiki entry I think :grin:

What are the DEs you wanna install ? List them please . I will give you a copy paste guide .

Note : installing Plasma first maybe a good idea . Because you had some troubles with XFCE .

I don’t know . You can ask jonathon or 2000 that unless @Kresimir solve it already .

sure. plasma first (although i hav only tried it for a few days… the availability for adjustment is too much for a beginner. lol. but since it has less problem… why not)
and the rest. i have only use xfce most.
cinamon …mate … (these looks almost same to me appearance wise, but i have no idea what lies the diff deep in it)

Note: i will use a dedicated hdd to try this out. while my working laptop will i install only xfce (because i only used this before)