Screen shuts off when laptop screen shuts and reopens

The light indicating that the device is on also goes off; however, when I open the chromebook back up, there is a weak backlight that indicates that it’s in some kind of screensaver mode or something. It’s a problem for me because I have to reboot every time I close my chromebook. Ideally, I’d like to have the screen turn off when I shut it and back on when I open it. I’ve looked through the i3 config, and the best I’ve found is this section near line 400 that discusses xautolock and xscreensaver. Is there a fix or is it a device problem?

Hi there, @Ochiruko :v:

You could install xfce4-power-manager or a similar tool, to control your laptop’s power settings.

Of course, there are other, not so simple ways of doing things in i3-wm, such as configuring xss-lock

# set powersavings for display:
exec --no-startup-id xset s 480 dpms 600 600 600

# disable power saving (for example if using xscreensaver)
#exec --no-startup-id xset -dpms

inside the i3 config is what you are searching for?