Screen scaling and Firefox

I recently switched from Gnome to Cinnamon. I had to enable fractional scaling (150%) as everything was too small my laptop’s screen, it seems it’s ok now.

However in Firefox things are different: the UI and “web” part seem to have different scaling. If I change devPixelsPerPx I can fix UI but the bars and web page become huge (see before/after in screenshot below.)

Any idea how can I fix it?


Edit: same thing happens in Thunderbird

So far i see and understand it, Firefox use -1.0 as default on 100%.

Your System now scales up to 150%. So the -1.0 is still based on the 150%.

So why did you change it to 1.6? I would try 0 or -0.5 first?

And if you enabled fractional scaling, you are using Wayland then?

For my expierence, it was better to change the Font Scaling factor to 1.5 instead of fractional scaling. But your expierence may vary.



The result is almost always better when using integer scaling and increasing the font size to make up the difference. Although this seems like a strange solution, most UI elements scale with the font size.

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I didn’t find the text scaling before so I thought I could only use display scaling! Now it works great, thanks guys!

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