Screen Rotation Broken GNOME 41.1 Wayland

I’m running EndeavorOS with all of the latest updates on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4. I have both KDE Plasma 5.23 and GNOME 41.1 installed. Screen rotation is broken on GNOME 41.1 in Wayland. It was working on GNOME 40 in Wayland. It also works fine on KDE Plasma 5.23. The iio-sensor-proxy package is installed. Is there a way to fix this? BTW, screen rotation works fine on GNOME 41.1 in Xorg, but Xorg is not as smooth.


Screen rotation is working fine here - are you running a custom kernel, and made sure you’re up-to-date?

Yes, I’m up to date. I was/am running a custom kernel. However, I never uninstalled the official kernel. I booted into it screen rotation still doesn’t work.

Wait. Are you using Wayland or Xorg?

GNOME 41.1 with Wayland on linux-zen and Intel graphics.

There’s a setting to lock screen rotation, likely worth checking that if you haven’t already.

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Can you elaborate on the setting? Is this something under Display in the settings app, or is this in a config file somewhere? Not trying to hijack the thread but I have similar set up and the same behaviors as k4ever07

Edit - Nevermind - I found I can toggle the rotation lock on and off using the Super+O key, but this doesn’t resolve the issue. Sorry for the hi-jack, back to the OP’s originally scheduled programming…

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Hmm… I thought it was in some Settings somewhere, but with GNOME 41 it appears in the top-right menu as “Lock screen rotation”, but only if a keyboard isn’t attached. Hmmmm.

(Rotation still happens if I have the keyboard attached to this tablet, and there’s no exposed setting to lock rotation…)

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only if there is no mouse attached - which apparently causes problems for lots of 2-in-1 convertibles and what not when the touchpad also registers as a mouse … I am reading some stuff here: … though I can honestly say I am going to need to read a lot more of the bug reports, issues etc before I can get my head around the whole picture on this one


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