Screen recording with video and sound

I have tried installing KAZAN and SIMPLESCREENRECORDER on endeavour on my pc…
Video is recorded but without sound…tinkered with configuration within applications but with no avail.
I am using headphone to watch and listen to the video…
Can any friend help? OR suggest something else?

I will suggest OBS Studio. It has easy GUI interface where you can record screen, system sound, microphone sound and webcam.

If you don’t want to install OBS, then please tell. I have a script that you can use to record mic and system sound using SimpleScreenRecorder. I’m not sharing it right away since there are some changes in the script I’ll need to detail out for you.

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As long as you don’t use wayland I would recommend vokoscreenNG. Easy to set up and use. It can be easily installed by installing vokoscreen from the Community repository.

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