Screen reader and accessibility tools on new Endeavouros releases

I’m a blind user and I would propose to install the accessibility tools such as Orca screen reader on next releases of Endeavouros.
I know that in previous versions it wasn’t installed because Orca don’t interact with Calamares, but I discovered that with QT 6 and last Calamares version there is a way to bipass this issue.
I resolved with this procedure:

  1. Open terminal with Ctrl+Alt+T
    type sudo su and press enter
    type export $(dbus-launch) and press enter. This enable dbus variables and allows Calamares to interact with dbus in root session.
    finally, tipe calamares “$@” and press enter.
    Now calamares can interact with screen reader.

I hope in a future where a blind person can install Endeavouros itself.




good to let it know :slight_smile:

thank you

Thanks for letting us know, indeed!
I will check around it asap when I find time to do so.

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