Screen randomly wakes up after screensaver was set (using xset)

I’m using i3, so I have these two lines in my config to change screensaver to a blank screen and disable screen savers by default:

exec --no-startup-id xset s blank
exec --no-startup-id xset s off -dpms

Then, I have a keybinding that enables the screensaver, telling the computer to blank the screen after 60 seconds of inactivity:

bindsym "some key combo" exec --no-startup-id xset s 60 600

The keybindings work, but the screen will automatically turn back on even though I never touched my computer.

At first, I thought SDL was the culprit, so I set the environment variable in my /etc/environment:


Unfortunately, that didn’t resolve the problem at all. Many people reported a similar issue (, but that post was made over 10 years ago. I assume the problem would be solved by now. Besides, the problem reported on the forum is related to gnome-power-manager, so I’m not sure it’s relevant since I’m not using gnome.

My hardware info can be found here:


I suspected that wifi is the culprit, so I went ahead and set wake-on-wlan to 0:

nmcli connection modify <wifi_SSID> 802-11-wireless.wake-on-wlan 0

The problem seems to have gone away after a reboot. More testing is needed.