Screen goes red after booting onto Endeavour OS on laptop?

Okay so this is my first time installing this OS, and trying out arch for the first time, since I’ve decided to explore distros based on anything but Debian.
I installed the OS, and when I chose the option for Endeavour OS, red lines faded in, then the whole screen became red, I tried restarting, going to the fallback bootloader, even tried erasing the partition and installing again with a different DE, but I had the same result, it only worked once and I’m not sure what i did that time. Any help would be appreciated!

Hello @kidemporer
You’ll have to boot up on the live ISO and provide us with the hardware via the link from the command.

inxi -Fxxxz --no-host | eos-sendlog


and install inxi as it is not installed per default …
sudo pacman -S inxi

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