Screen flickering in certain applications - NVIDIA

Installed a fresh Kde6 with the LTS kernel last night using EOS.
This is the first time i have used linux since moving to a NVIDIA 1060 from a Radeon HD 6850. I noticed that several applications appear to be very glitchy and juddery, including what appears to be severe graphical lag as i type in discord/vencord, along with what seems to be old frames momentarily being displayed rather than new ones.

I assumed this was a discord problem and moved on, except i then noticed steam was a little juddery and the first game i tried (red alert 3) was completely unplayable. felt like i was in a 1000 ping lobby but the fps were fine and my inputs weren’t delayed.

Did some research and this appears to be something with NVIDIA drivers.

Some people say to roll back, some go to the beta one, and given i simply let the installer decide drivers i am unsure what to do.

Any advice?
Also is there a way of tweaking NVIDIA settings similar to geforce experience or the NVIDIA control panel? for system information.

For non-fullscreen applications i get random flickers, but the moment io make them fullscreen the less-bearable issues start.

Sounds like nvidia on wayland issues. Try switching to the x11 session. I also find it so strange how so many new to linux people end up on arch based distros.


fixed the immediate issue. Feeling the slowdown of going back to x11 from wayland though, which is sad but also evident of the performance change. Could well be a hidden KDE performance setting though. :frowning:

Did some research comparing logs and found there is an ongoing PR to fix the flicker with wayland. Will probably try it again in a few months when stuff is ironed out.

I started on linux mint years ago, then went to EOS with KDE and couldn’t look back.

Definitely no hidden performance settings.

I am also desperately tracking all of the PR’s for explicit sync in XWayland. I’m still using wayland because I want to find bugs and hack away at it to fix things where I can, but I don’t recommend that for anyone who is having issues.

Nice to know. yes, explicit sync was the PR IIRC. I wouldnt mind if it was just discord but the fact that most of my games have the issue it makes it unusable. i dont exactly splash out on AAA games, but the fact that most older games (especially ones using dx) had issues it was too much.

The reason why it is all of those applications, is because discord and all your games run through xwayland. Hopefully once steam releases a proton version based on wine 9.0 which has wayland support. It will help to alleviate some of our issues. At least with games, discord will still be busted. I’m not sure if they are still on an electron version that doesn’t have the proper wayland support or what, but there are still many issues with their implementation of various things.

Try enabling native Wayland support for the application, I think discord is an Electron app which you can do with launch flags or settings.

I may be incorrect, but I swore that proton experimental was now on 9? I thought that just happened recently. Traveling for work, so don’t have access to check on my desktop setup.

Yes, I’m quite sure you’re correct on this.

Yes, you are right. It was done last week. I must have missed it in the changelog:

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I tried experimental, i don’t think it fixed my issues although it did reduce stutter. And for non steam games it also did not fix it when i ran it on my system’s wine 9.X (around 9.3 i think, can’t recall)

Their changelog is usually long and it’s easy to miss stuff if just skimming.

Well, that’s a step in the right direction.

I haven’t found a way to enable Wayland in experimental. How did you do it?

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