Screen darkens after 30 seconds

hey, i just installed endeavouros on my laptop, however i am still having some problems. the main problem is that the screen darkens after 30 seconds which drives me nuts. i already disabled any kind of power management stuff that could set the display to darken with inactivity, but it still does it. also, not that bad, but still annoying is that i can only select “use dark theme” in the settings app, and no custom themes, because while the things changed by it look nice, it is far from complete and incomplete dark mode looks bad… thank you in advance

Hello, @ash3781 and welcome. :enos:

Not sure what could be causing your screen to go dark the way you described it. What comes to my mind is this: Could it be that you have other (older remnants) of a different LInux-DE on your system, maybe even more DEs installed than only Budgie?

Other than that:
As power-management on LInux is quite a varied field, I’d rather refer you to the corresponding article in the ArchWiki.

As for themes:


Budgie uses GTK 3 for its UI elements, and is thus supported by many GTK themes. Budgie also ships a built-in theme that is only applied to its own elements, such as panels and Raven, which can be toggled in Budgie Desktop Settings. Icon themes and cursor themes can be set in Budgie Desktop Settings as well.

So you are able to install any gtk3-themes, according to your liking, I believe.

Did you also disable Xorg dpms?

xset -q
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