Saved images appearing "broken"

Has anyone experienced this? Lately I am noticing that a handful of images I save to my system appear broken as seen below. Sometimes, but not always, I can fix it by opening it in either GIMP or KolourPaint and re-saving it.

What’s going on here? Never experienced this in all my years on Linux.

If you want post images, you need to give the forum access to your canvas data.

That’s a screenshot of what the image looks like when it’s not actually loading. The original images are sensitive, so I can’t share it as much as I’d like to.

My aim here is to learn if anyone has ever experienced or seen this before in any capacity.

Definitely puzzled :thinking:

It is likely only you can see that image. We just see lines. Try opening this forum post in a different browser and you will see what we see.

Can confirm. This is what I got.

Perhaps I wasn’t as clear as I could’ve been with my words in my parent post.

The picture with the lines is exactly what I purposely submitted. The purpose of submitting that is because I’m asking the forum if anyone has ever opened an image on their system and seen the same result.

The real image is an actual picture but once I saved it to my local drive, suddenly when I open it, it looks like that with the lines.

What I did is use the screenshot tool to take a picture of what it appears like when opened rather than submitting the actual image file here.

Where are you saving the image from?

A web site, an image editing application?

That is what an image usually looks like when it is blocked.

Hmm. The images are received and saved from Signal Messenger downloaded from the AUR.

I’ve been using Signal on Linux for quite some time, and no issues in the past. This has occurred for about a month now. Perhaps this could be a bug? I do know Signal compresses the image quality significantly, but not aware of any type of blocking.