Santa - The Ultimate Privacy Invader

Santa — The Ultimate Privacy Invader :rofl:

I’m from the Caribbean, so no Santa here. :sweat_smile:


No Santa here either, we have Frost Bite.


One of these days maybe someone will realize this is just a bunch of :poop: we made up. Its make believe. There is no Santa there is no Christmas its just them against us year around.


Santa is such a creep! He glows in the dark! :male_detective:

No that’s Rudolph. :laughing:

That fed has great cover…such an innocent looking! :clown_face:

OH GOD, we have 13 santas over here :frowning: :gift: :gift: :christmas_tree:

Santa is an anagram of Satan… Hmmmm. :japanese_ogre:

ahhh so now i know why do i wake up in the middle of the night its because santa is stalking me!

Wow. They’re invading your privacy, security, peace of mind, conscience, the whole works over there.