Samba client and Microsoft 365 account

My Windows 11 account uses my email address as my user name and for whatever reason when I try to change it, windows says it is changed but it does not. So, with that being said, smbclient -U works and shows my windows shares, but smb4k, Dolphin, Thunar, Nemo… all do not allow using ’ tick marks in the connect line. How do I fix this?

Also, why is there no networking sub-forum?

It’s in the category of Discovery.
This may be this will help Samba Sharing. :enos_flag:

Or why not use what’s already there? NTFS is already integrated with Linux :thinking: Here is a link to the Arch Wiki on NTFS

I meant in the forums not the WIKI.

I does not talk about having special characters in your password and using a credentials file for whatever reason is not working with mount -t cifs.

I do not dual boot, as I am on a Raspberry Pi 4 and 400. I just want to be able to connect to my Music folder on my Windows machine. I can view the folder via smbclient, but mount -t cifs gices a bad usage error which is unhelpful at best and frustrating at worse as it tells me nothing as to where the problem lies. Thank you though for responding.

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That was your first mention of Pi. Try and give more info so we can help you.