Running EndeavourOS in Hyper-V

I’ve been able to run EndeavourOS in Hyper-V, however, X does not start.
I’ve had this issue when I attempted Arch installation in Hyper-V, but with Arch, the installation is complete before X is started.

Note that many distributions have no problem running in Hyper-V with their desktop environments, so I know that there is likely a solution, I’m just new to the bare Arch world.

Could you please post your Xorg log, it may be helpful in finding out why it isn’t starting

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Will try to grab that when I get home, thanks!

Hyper-V is not the Problem

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Maybe i was to quick, the graphical installer worked but not booting after a successfull install.

Can confirm that adding a RemoteFX 3D Video Adapter in hyper-v will solve the problem.