Running a long term k8s cluster

Hi All,
I was wondering if anyone else has run their k8s environment on top of EndeavourOS?
I just moved my desktop PC to it and it’s awesome.

For hosting k8s though my logical mind says stick to stable and LTS releases like an AlmaLinux or Debian.
Have you guys had any issues running Endeavour long term?

This has kind of been covered in other threads, but it’s probably not a great idea to use a rolling-release distro to run this kind of stuff. You want something that offers better predictability like the examples you mentioned. For servers to be effective, that predictability is vital. Although my build is about 9 months old, (and some people on here have builds that are many years old) I would not want to run any production services on it.

I’d use Debian if it were me. But i don’t like containerized anything. I can see it’s use but not for the average Linux desktop user. :man_shrugging:

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Thanks for the feedback, :slight_smile:
I’m loving on Endeavour so much right now I actually believe it might work well enough as a k8s base.

I guess with a btrfs base I always could snapshot to have some backup if things go real sideways. But probably best to setup on some stable release. :smile: avoid any drama. Thanks all for the sanity check.

@ricklinux I felt the same for a long time, I’d hear folks running most of their apps in containers. I never got the draw but I’m finding it pretty fun as I dive deeper into it. It makes cleanup and version control real smooth, and creating custom images is a breeze.

I try not to buy too much hype, k8s I have to learn to skill up at work but I’m looking into containers w/ Docker and Podman just for fun. I’m actually thinking of putting together a course on it.

What’s your particular use case for Endeavour? Development, general purpose computer?

My computer use is mostly desktop general purpose, information and learning. I’m more of a hardware enthusiast. I like linux as it was designed to be. I have no love for containerization whether it be kubernetes, docker, podman or what ever. It’s not my thing! Same as running android on linux or immutable distros. They have their use and their place and that’s not anywhere on my desktop. I like arm because i believe in the hardware. These are just my own personal views. I think if you are interested in it putting together a course is a great idea. It’s not something I’m personally interested in as there is more than enough to keep my mind boggled already! :wink:

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haha I totally agree about mind boggling. :slight_smile: Containers and immutables are taking over at the moment and more than once I’ve worried what it’s going to do to Linux. That’s awesome you’re keeping focused on bare metal - so to speak.

I’ve been trying to jump into Linux on ARM as well. I love ARM and see so much potential. I’m on my 2nd ARM based laptop and they’re amazing. I just got Armbian running on my x13s to do some testing but installing Endeavour is my next step.

I’m going quickly offtopic, i’ll have to DM you cause I’d love to hear what kind of ARM setup your running or testing. There’s so much to learn with Linux under the hood even after being an admin for so many years, it’s overwhelming.