Rungs - a fuzzy script tool (e.g., for EOS Updates)

rungs is intended for “fuzzy”, manual procedures like updating EOS (e.g., sometimes I’ll update mirrors, sometimes do cleanup, sometimes I reboot). I usually turn off automatic notifiers/updates, etc., and do updates manually with full control. rungs shows a menu that steps thru the procedure, but allows redos and skips.

  • Install with pipx rungs
  • Edit procedures with rungs -e (for EOS, you might seed with mine below)
  • Run with rungs eos (if you have one procedure with “eos” within its name) … normally, they are quite WYSIWYG.

Here’s my starter script (the first line, you must change since it refers to my private BTRFS snap tool):

a: my-snaps               # replace snaps of root, home, etc 
b: reflector-simple       # update Arch mirrors
c: eos-rankmirrors        # update EndeavourOS mirrors
d: eos-update --yay       # EndeavourOS update script
e: sudo paccache -rk1; sudo paccache -ruk0 # cleanup cache
f: sudo pacman -Rns $(pacman -Qdtq)        # cleanup orphans
g: flatpak update
h: flatpak uninstall --unused; flatpak repair
i: sudo journalctl --vacuum-time=2weeks
j: sudo reboot now
x: exit