Run xrandr command at boot


I would like to know where to place a command that would be run as early as possible in the boot process as it would configure my monitors correctly?

This is the command :

xrandr --output DP-0 --mode 1280x1024 --output HDMI-0 --mode 1360x768 --right-of DP-0

I have tried with crontab using the non sudo version as this command does not require sudo but it was not run before login screen or after.

I assume from your previous thread that you’re using qtile, so I’d start with its documentation:

Xfce is much easier (as are other DEs) as it has settings for startup applications.

Is it possible to run before I enter a DE or WM?

I haven’t tried it, but have a look here:

Thanks for this link it seems right up my alley but I have a question regarding LightDM and SSDM what are they and how can I know which I am running?

Which one did you enable?

You can use the following command
systemctl status display-manager

More info about display managers here:


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