RTX 3060 Laptop 80W power limit

Hello, so I’m new to Linux and I have this issue on EndeavourOS, didn’t have it on Pop_OS!. For some reason, my GPU is limited to only 80W, but it should be able to reach 100W. On Pop_OS! the power limit was 95W, not perfect, but still better.

I have an AMD 5800H CPU, so enabling nvidia-powerd service won’t work for me. Any ideas what can I do?

I’m on NVIDIA 545.29.06 drivers.

If you are on X11 you can use a program called greenwithenvy, which you can install from the AUR. If not then try using the nvidia-smi command line tool and run this command nvidia-smi -i 0 -pl 100.0 in order to manually set the power limit.

greenwithenvy seems to use the same command you’re suggesting to do the change, but sadly, it doesn’t work on my end, as I’m using Wayland. I get this error:

Changing power management limit is not supported in current scope for GPU: 00000000:01:00.0.