RSA key automatically added to SSH agent - Is this normal?

Hi there,

So, I just would like to know if someone could help me on this matter. In fact, everything is working fine now, I just wanted to understand it. :slight_smile:

I moved from Manjaro to EndeavourOS a few days ago, and everything is working very well. Well, I had backups of some SSH keys (I have some Ubuntu servers at Linode).

After some little problems, dealing with permissions, copying new keys over to servers, etc, I discovered that keys are being added automatically to the ssh agent in my local machine (EndeavourOS).

I am asking about that because this is the first time I noticed it happening. I tried twice to delete them (ssh-add -D), but just after they were added again (viewed through ssh-add -l).

Is this normal?

Thanks in advance.

I believe keys with the following names get added automatically:


Thank you for your answer.

So, really. They were automatically added, but this was the first time I noticed this. :slight_smile:

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